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Water Testing and Treatment in Barrie, Ontario

Water Testing and Treatment in Barrie, Ontario

Get your water tested and treated by professionals in Barrie, Ontario. Water testing requires expert intervention. Proper testing of the water source is a must to ensure accurate results. After we test your water, we develop the proper system that offers you clean and soft water for years.

We also have a yearly maintenance schedule to ensure things are operating properly.

Some of the options we offer are:

  • Iron filters : For the orange in your toilet bowls.
  • Water softeners : For scale-free coffee makers and silky skin after a shower.
  • Ultraviolet lights : Kills any bacteria after the water is clean and soft.
  • Carbon filters : They are like BRITA filters for your entire home and can remove chlorine too.
  • Reverse osmosis systems : Usually placed under the kitchen sink for ultra-clean water in the kitchen.
  • Free water analysis


The thing to understand about water treatment is that it works in stages. Depending on what is in your water, we determine a specific system for you.

Call or email us for an appointment.

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